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Guide to Mindfulness for Job Seekers

Picture this: After spending hours browsing job search engines online and editing your cover letters to portray yourself as the best possible candidate, you finally found your dream job. You’re certain that you have a chance to land an interview and show the employer what you’re made of, but then you receive that soul crushing generic rejection email.

It’s no wonder that it’s difficult for job searchers to stay optimistic and motivated in the face of rejection and disappointment. Job search frustration can lead to hopelessness and a lack of ambition to continue to the next application. You need your optimism and mental focus to survive the job hunt, and one way to do this is by practicing mindfulness. We’ve put together a few mindfulness tips to help you keep your spirits up during your next job search.

What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is essentially the ability to become fully present in the moment without judgement. Although it has its roots in the Buddhist tradition, many of the principles can be applied to job searching. For example, while practicing mindfulness, you won’t be worrying about how you should have answered the previous interview question, you’ll have a critical awareness of the present moment.

How to practice mindfulness throughout your job search

Conduct your job hunt without judgement

It’s quite easy to become your own worst enemy when reading job descriptions. You may focus on the qualifications that you don’t have rather than your relevant skills and qualifications that match the role. Likewise, it’s easy to quickly judge a potential employer or company based on one negative review or the information provided within the job listing.

Next time you find yourself harshly judging yourself or a potential opportunity, take some time to ask yourself where your reaction stems from. By actively discerning your negative reactions, you’ll be able to work against these obstacles that stop you from achieving your job search goals.

Deal with rejection gracefully

It’s natural to feel down after getting turned down from a job, but mindfulness can help you deal with your reactions and allow you to focus your energy on your career goals. If you’re feeling discouraged, try to consider how far you’ve come and remind yourself of your progress. Focusing on this progress will allow you to regain some of your confidence and motivation for your job search.

Following a rejection, the key thing to do is think about what happened and consider how you can improve next time. Consider asking the for feedback from the interviewer and try to learn from this to better yourself for your next interview.

Create intentions

Setting goals and intentions is a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable and increase the chances of you achieving your career ambitions. Spend some time considering what exactly you want from your job search and write down some intentions to bring about your goals. For example, you can create an intention about the job applications you want to submit – don’t apply for every job you see, apply for roles directly related to your career goals. Another intention could be to apply for a few intimidating jobs each week as a way to challenge yourself. Setting these goals will allow you to avoid procrastinating and stay on track to completing your job search in a meaningful way.

Applying mindfulness during your job search can reduce your stress levels while empowering you to complete your job search in a meaningful and successful way. Try to apply some of the above mindfulness tips during your next job search and you may be surprised by the result

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