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How to Prepare for a New Job

Starting a new job can be emotionally draining. There’s a sense of relief from finally getting over the hurdle of the job search, but you’re also nervous about this new opportunity will hold. Whether you're transitioning to a new industry, taking the next step in your career, or entering the world of employment for the first time, being properly prepared can significantly enhance your chances of success. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a comprehensive guide on how to smoothly and confidently transition into your new role.

Do your research

It’s likely that you did some preliminary research on your new company before your job interview, but it’s good to reacquaint yourself with important information such as the company’s mission and values, competitors and recent news before going into your new role. Understanding the wider industry landscape and the culture of your new company will allow you to adapt more smoothly and gain a valuable insight into your new company’s position. Also, review your new role by going over your job description and contract to make sure you know what’s expected of you before your first day.

Prepare your wardrobe

There’s nothing worse than walking into a new workplace and realising that you’re far too underdressed! If you’re unsure about the office dress code, get in touch with your new manager to double check. You want to make a good impression on your first day so prepare in advance by ensuring that you have an appropriate wardrobe to last a working week. It’s always better to show up overdressed than underdressed.

Prepare for your commute

Chances are you’ll have to travel to your new workplace unless you’re starting a remote working role. Ensure that you’re prepared by checking the public transport routes to your work, or test run your commute before your first day to ensure that you’re timely. You should arrive early on your first day to get your bearings.

Make connections

Once you’ve settled in and introduced yourself to your new team, reach out to some colleagues and try to make connections. Maybe ask someone if they’d like to go for a coffee after work or simply start up a conversation with someone during your lunch break. Developing relationships within your new workplace give you a valuable insight into the workplace culture and make you feel more comfortable as you settle into an unfamiliar environment.

Mentally prepare yourself

Starting a new job can be emotionally and mentally challenging, especially if this is your first role or you’re starting in a new industry. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself for the transition, and allow yourself some self-care time to relax before going into the new role. Reflect on your past accomplishment and remind yourself of your strengths. After all, you were good enough to get the new role in the first place!

Set yourself up for success

Good habits start on day one! You’ll learn a lot in your first week, so take notes on all important procedures to help you retain important information and show off your organisational skills. Start as you mean to go on by staying on top of important deadlines by using a daily task manager to prioritise your work.

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