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How to Age-Proof Your CV

It’s natural to feel nervous about an upcoming job interview. However, if you’re an older job seeker, you may face additional challenges when entering the job-hunting world. One in three people have reported experiencing age discrimination within the UK. But do not fret, in this blog post we'll explore some effective strategies to age-proof your CV to increase your chances of securing the job you deserve.

Focus on recent and relevant work experience

The general rule of thumb is that the further along in your career you are, the less relevant your earlier work experience becomes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to tailor your CV to highlight the most recent and relevant experiences related to the position you're applying for. While you don't have to eliminate earlier work history, prioritise your recent accomplishments and skills that align with the job description you’re applying for. This approach emphasizes your up-to-date expertise and minimizes the focus on past roles that may be less relevant.

It is recommended that you stick to dates within the past 15 years when modernising your CV. If you have particularly important qualifications or credentials which are over 15 years old, simply include the details but remove the dates of achievement.

Modernise the presentation of your CV

Start by ensuring your CV has a contemporary and professional look. Avoid using outdated fonts or formatting styles by opting for a clean, well-organized layout that showcases your skills and experiences in less than two pages. Avoid using outdated language or referencing outdated technologies within your CV. Instead, optimise your CV with keywords included in the job description you’re applying for. This is particularly important as many CVs aren’t screened by actual human beings anymore, thanks to applicant tracking systems (ATS) software.

Update your contact details by including your mobile number rather than your landline number. If you’re using an older email provider such as Yahoo or AOL, it is recommended that you update your account to a modern provider such as Gmail or Outlook.

Showcase your skills

Create a skills section that emphasizes your proficiency in current technologies and industry practices by providing examples of your specific achievements. Highlight any recent certifications or training programs you've completed to show your commitment to continuous learning, and if you feel like you’re behind on the latest technologies consider undertaking a course or training seminar to enhance your skills. Ulster University offer many short continuous improvement courses, or alternatively this site is a great tool to find specific courses near you. By showcasing your adaptability and keeping pace with industry changes, you can show future employers that age is not a barrier to your professional growth.

You can further demonstrate your technological capabilities by linking your CV to relevant social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. Besides having the benefit of showing that you actively use social media for professional purposes, social media can be an indispensable job searching tool. So if you’re not using it already, we highly recommend starting ASAP! Here’s a blog post we put together a while ago outlining how you can use social media to your advantage during your next job search.

It’s important to remember that age-proofing your CV isn’t about hiding your experience or qualifications. Instead, it's about framing your strengths in a way that emphasizes your timeless relevance in the workforce.

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