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Happy Holidays

Here we are with 2 weeks left of 2020, what a ride this year has been. We wanted to tell our customers how grateful we are for the trust they have shown in us, a new business, to hire their most precious resource - people.

Our Ode to Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

However one overworked HR worker was stirring

With the fan in their PC whirring

How can I find these next accountants, devs and staff?

If only there was a way to find them without the faff?

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

HappyJobsNI is on hand to end your nightmare.

Whether it's finding, searching or head-hunting you need

We will help you to hire your next employees at speed.

And with prices starting from only 599,

That will be mine!

Thus, we heard this person exclaim, walking off happy

HappyJobsNI helped us find the right lass and laddy!

Thank you for your patronage in 2020.

HappyJobsNI - your Secret Santa

Why would you want to tell your friends about our prices? Keep it to yourself, just like your Secret Santa present for the office.

We are also delighted to report back on the overwhelmingly positive reaction from clients towards our name, it is a pleasure to hear we bring a smile to your face in what has been a testing 10 months. That was our intention when we picked the name.

We are also happy to confirm our excellent value for money packages will continue into 2021.

Happy Hours

The team will be happy to assist you right up to the 23rd December, we will close the office on 24 December and will re-open again on Tuesday 29th.

From everyone at HappyJobsNI, we wish you all a very safe and peaceful festive period. Put your feet up, reach for a good book, or your favourite board game, open a Cadbury's Chocolate Orange and relax. Well done, you made it this far and you deserve a rest.

Happy Holidays.

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