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How to stay Happy with your Job Adverts

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The New Kid on the Happy Block

We are HappyJobsNI and we are experts in recruitment, having placed for roles ranging from executive to entry level, in positions around the world. But something was missing from the Northern Ireland market – a catch-all job advertising service at a happy price!

With a soupçon of Swedish sauce as inspiration coupled with lashings of local experience from Ulster, we created a new business called  

We are aware that there are many candidates applying for jobs right now. Thankfully many companies are still hiring at this time. Why don’t you advertise across multiple mediums, to reach the candidates who may not be on a particular job board? Spread your bets, without spending more money.

Happy is the name of the game

We just mentioned Swedish inspiration in our opening preamble. Sweden has a number of companies with the word “Happy” in them – happy plugs, happy socks and we loved this naming convention and wanted to continue this positive sentiment here in Northern Ireland.

2020 has been a tough year for many folk and at HappyJobsNI we want to focus attention on the rays of hope that are within our grasp; a vaccine and economic recovery. If we can save a company some money, offer a better service than they currently receive and maybe make them smile on their job advertising journey, then we have done our job.

It does exactly what it says on the Happy tin

This was our ‘Ronseal’ moment – you can advertise a vacancy on these job platforms:

  • LinkedIn

  • Adzuna

  • Indeed

  • CVLibrary

  • And more!

Then you receive and review CV’s from applicants directly in your own portal – a one stop shop!

Fancy a Happy deal?

Our prices are already very competitive, but we can go one further and slide down the savings on our happy pricing scale; enter this code on your sign-up process online Happyblog and receive a further 10% discount on the list price.  But ssshhh, don’t tell anyone about the voucher.


Welcome to the wonderful world of!

We offer Northern Ireland's most cost effective job advertisement package.

It is our mission to make Founders, CEO's and hiring managers happy. As the saying goes, a problem shared with, is a problem solved.

Simply advertise your job vacancy on multiple boards, all at once, at a very happy price!

Our Clients are also very happy with our portal, which collects all of the candidate information in a single place.

We strive for happy clients and that’s why we created You will be happy with our service, our people and our prices.

Hip, hip, happy hooray, for is here to stay!

The Chief Happy Officer

Ed Montgomery


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