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The Happy 12 Days of Christmas

Happy to Meet You

For those of you who still don’t know us yet, we are HappyJobsNI. We are very happy to make your acquaintance! We are a Belfast based recruitment agency, offering outstanding value for money to our clients, very handy at this time of the year when budgets can be close to empty.

One of the local radio stations that our staff listens to, is Cool FM and they have just started their festive giveaway – the 12 Days of Christmas where they are giving away large amounts of money every week day. It started last Friday with £10000 and at the time of writing this post, the daily cash prize is £20000!

Presumably this amount will only increase each day until a mammoth prize is given away, just before Christmas? Clearly the Cool FM coffers are not empty coming up to Christmas! It is the talk of the town as eager participants wait for their phone to ring just after 5pm.


We wanted to remind our readers of how little you actually pay for recruitment and head-hunting from HappyJobsNI.

Our customers are just like Santa’s sack, a mixed bag, ranging in size from small start-ups, to mid-size businesses. We provide the same happy service to everyone. Our mission is simple, to help Northern Ireland companies find their colleagues, at a competitive price.

Happy Savings with HappyJobsNI

Let’s take a look at a quick calculation:

  • The Average Salary in NI is £23000

  • The Average % Charged by a Recruiter is 15%

  • 15% of £23000 is £3450

Now let’s show how much HappyJobsNI will charge your business:

  • The Average Salary in NI is £23000

  • HappyJobsNI charges £599 to advertise your role

  • This is a saving of £2851 or 82%!

82% Saving with HappyJobsNI

What a gift from HappyJobsNI and available every day to our customers across Northern Ireland. So if you win the Cool FM 12 Days of Christmas cash prize, you could hire someone to do your job for a few months next year, while you relax and count your winnings.

Happy Prices, Happy Customers, HappyJobsNI


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